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Good tournament for beginners?   by Peter Smith  on February 10 2016

New competitions?   by Marina  on July 04 2013

Professor gomer Williams   by Bronwen. Williams  on May 19 2013

Novice Foil Championship - Saxoons Fencing Club (West London)   by Jeremy Oates  on February 01 2012

London Novice and Intermediate Championship 9th May   by Martin McGeown  on May 04 2009

Saxon Golden Anniversary Novice Foil   by Grant Smith  on March 17 2009

London Team Trophy   by Anthony Kingsley  on October 12 2008

Lost Epee at the Isle of Wight   by Clare Lyons-Amos  on May 20 2008

Saturday Foil   by Anthony  on April 30 2008

The Glory Days are back at Gadaski   by Anthony Kingsley  on April 20 2008

Personal Performance Course   by Simon  on July 31 2007

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London Fencing Club is the best and the busiest fencing club in the UK providing coaching and training facilities for more than 300 regular members and hundreds of adult beginners. We also offer fencing classes for children, after school clubs and team building events. The Club employs eight Fencing Masters of the highest calibre.