A whole foil fencing set for 90 GBP including 2 electric foils

The whole set for 90 GBP or individual items at the listed prices. Please email me at ryungfrog@aol.com * Leon Paul Electric Foil with French Grip (Mask to jacket cable included) (right-hand) 20 GBP * Allstar Electric Foil with Pistol Grip (Mask to jacket cable included) (right-hand) 20 GBP * Allstar Mens Foil Lame size 48 20 GBP * Leon Paul Foil F100 Mask size M 20 GBP * Phoenix 350N jacket size 38 20 GBP * Intermediate Glove size M (right-hand) 5 GBP * Addidas fencing shoes (only wore once) size UK 7 15 GBP * Duel Weapon Bag 5 GBP

Posted by Raymond Yung,  from London (ryungfrog@aol.com) on Tuesday, March 15 2011

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