Terms and Conditions. Refunds.

Students and members attending London Fencing Club undertake that they are fit to carry out all training which can include heavy physical exercise and exertion. No responsibility can be accepted by the offices, members or employees and contractors of the club for any personal injury or property damage whether 3rd party, personal or other. Students, members or other fencers undertake that they carry out all fencing or related activities under their own risk and if required carry their own personal risk insurance.

All classes and individual lessons must be prepaid. Refunds for the beginners' classes are subject to a small admin fee and will be issued providing that the cancellation notice is served 14 days prior to the starting date or 48 hours prior to the individual lesson. If the starting date is flexible as in the case with the Individual Tuition courses or the Gift Vouchers, the refunds will be given within 7 days after the purchase. 

No refunds of membership or joining fees will be offered to members missing the weekly sessions, however complimentary training may be provided when possible. The time credits on the individual lessons accounts are non transferable and non refundable. Inactive accounts will be removed. The Management of the Club reserves right to refuse or cancel membership without giving reasons.

Requests for the cancellations of the courses can be made via hard copy letter or email. Membership cancellations - please give us at least one month notice. Postal address: London Fencing Club, Finsbury Leisure Centre, Norman Street, London EC1V 3PU.

Email: please click here.

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London Fencing Club is the best and the busiest fencing club in the UK providing coaching and training facilities for more than 300 regular members and hundreds of adult beginners. We also offer fencing classes for children, after school clubs and team building events. The Club employs eight Fencing Masters of the highest calibre.