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Hi everyone. I have recently taken part in a sports medicine project at the University of East London. The researchers would like more fencers so I am posting information on their behalf. I have to say that I enjoyed the testing, had loads of fun and also found it really useful. I now know that I had not lived life to the full until I tested my reaction speed against a giant Boppit machine. For those of you who are interested in taking part- here is some information from one of the researchers: "I am seeking volunteers who would be interested in participating in a study looking at the effect of caffeine on fencing skills. The testing would be in Coventry or London on 3 separate occasions; on one occasion a VO2 max test will be completed (this will give you an indication of your current fitness level) and take about an hour of your time. The other 2 occasions would be for approximately 3 hours to complete the study protocol once with a caffeine supplemented drink and once without - although you will not know which is which! - and this involves 3 separate fencing related skills. I am hoping to complete the testing in the next 3-4 weeks and the next test date is Saturday 30 July. If you are interested and able to help please phone 07854008816. Many thanks." If you want to ask me any questions about my test experience before contacting the researcher then you're welcome to do so. My number is 07842 136335. Thanks for reading and regards Sara

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