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If anybody is interested, please let me know before Sunday. I'll be heading down to this and if anybody else is interested, you are most welcome to join me. Simon ------------- HERTFORDSHIRE FENCING ASSOCIATION PERSONAL PERFORMANCE COURSE 5 AUGUST 2007 INTRODUCTION: Hertfordshire Fencing Association (“HFA”) is organising a personal performance course to help develop fencing within the County. HFA hopes that as many fencers as possible will attend to improve their own skills and to gain new ideas as to how they can train at their own clubs. The cost of organising this day is being supported by HFA. PROGRAMME: The day will be suitable for fencers of all ages and abilities (Participants must be aged 11 or older). The day will include sessions focussing upon the development of physical abilities for fencing, footwork exercises in addition to weapon specific training. We hope that the day will be enjoyable for all participants and give them new ideas for their fencing. COURSE STAFF: Mr Peter Wright will be directing the day and leading various sessions during the day. Peter is a former manager for the England National Youth Team for Foil, Epee and Sabre and is one of the lead coaches on the “Tomorrow’s Achievers” programme for England Fencing. Additional weapon coaches to lead weapon specific training for foil, epee and sabre including Mr Daren Tee and Mr Liam Harrington. All coaches in the County are welcome to attend at no cost. TIME AND VENUE: The day is being organised at the Hertfordshire Sports Village (Map Overleaf) and will be from 10.00am to 4.30pm. So that we can start promptly we would kindly ask all participants to be at the Hertfordshire Sports Village by 9.45am. PARTICIPATION: The cost for fencers will be £15.00 paid in advance of £20.00 on the day. Cheques should be made payable to Hertfordshire Fencing Association. Participants must also be members of British Fencing (or their respective Home Country Fencing Association e.g England Fencing). Fencers are advised to wear general sportswear (trainers, t-shirt tracksuit/shorts for the general training sessions). Fencers must also bring full fencing kit in accordance with current BFA regulations to train and fence throughout the day. We will have a break for approximately 1 hour at lunch time and participants should bring their lunch. Participants should also ensure that they bring plenty of water to drink throughout the day. Participants should complete the attached form and return to Mr Liam Harrington 76 Varney Road, Hemel Hempstead Herts HP1 2LR. Any coaches intending to attend are kindly asked to register with Liam. Any queries can be addressed to or 07712 633106.

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