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I used to fence a few years back- but I no longer fence now. However, I still have my fencing gear, which I am seeking to sell so someone else can utilise it. The kit comprises jacket and breeches, both 350 Newtons, and left handed male; jacket is size 34, breeches are size 32. The kit is Leon Paul; however I have a PBT set which is pretty much identical in specifications.  Additionally, there is a left handed size 12 glove,  medium mask (350 Newtons), shoes, size 7.5, and a Leon Paul bag. There are also two swords, a foil and a sabre. Both are left handed and electric, and the foil is French grip. If anyone is interested, I also discovered a book; Fencing, The Modern International Style, by Sitvan Lukovich (1986).   If anyone is interested, do get in touch.

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