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Ciao, As you probably know, I知 a passionate epeeist. This is the 3rd year I知 competing in the British league, my ranking at the start of the season was #26 and I知 currently ranked #18. My dream is to break into the British Top 10 ranking. This is no easy for international fencers (we can稚 compete internationally under the British flag nor we can attend the British National Championship) but it is possible so hope is high!! I致e set up this charity to raise money for a project to improve education and water supply in Mali, as described here: Deal is you support me and I値l work hard and do my best at competitions to get in the Top 10. On top of this, if I manage to make it, I値l put in 500 quid of my own pennies boom!! The ranking is updated monthly and I値l be updating the charity page accordingly. Alternatively, you can track my current ranking here: What more to say? Thanks for your support and keep your finger crossed for me! Grazie Mille Lorenzo

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