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September 2006 Newsletter

Aboard and abroad!

sienaSiena trip: 2 - 5 November 2006 ( Sign Up Now! )

Francesco Montalbano, the recently wedded Vice President of the Siena's UISP fencing club once again invites members of LFC for a visit to their beautiful city and do some fencing together (That's very patient of him as his previous invitation was declined - the brave ones went to Russia instead, remember?)

Siena is located in Tuscany one hour drive from Florence (and even less from castello Chianti where the wine is produced). In the middle ages Siena used to be one of the most important Italian city-states and it's historical centre is still largely intact, full with cathedrals, castles and towers, surrounded by the mighty walls. Local museums hold world famous works of Renaissance art by Duccio, Simone Martini, Nicole Pisano and brothers Lorenzetti... Of course, there is also excellent food and wine on offer at the little trattorias along the narrow cobblestone streets of the old town....

The fencing club we'll be visiting is headed by the well respected 76 year old Maestro D'Argenio. He and his team of fencers and coaches are the pride of the town. Throughout our first visit last year the 'English athletes' and the Maestro were in the spotlight of the local media :

sabreursAfter about fifty years of fencing at high levels, first as an athlete and then as a coach, once again the master Ruggero D'Argenio receives the title of the symbol of Sienese fencing, as is demonstrated by the fact that a team of sixteen athletes and two masters who in these days (four to be precise) have arrived directly from London to take part in an update course and an intensive training session at the Hall of the Uisp Fencing Club in via Avignone in Siena.
The initiative started thanks to both the international fame of the Master and the great work of constant worldwide public relations of the members of the newly born club. In fact some months ago after an initial telephone contact, two masters from a noted London club, one of whom was the famous Tim Gradesky, visited the Uisp fencing Club, and asked if they could organize a short course with the school of the instructor-athletes of D'Argenio (notoriously English fencers are not at the same level as Italians)....

Notoriously humble, our hosts were nevertheless extremely welcoming and spent the four days not only as our fencing instructors but also as the guides through the city's historical landmarks and restaurants. No other tourist could have had such an insight into the local life. But then we're not just regular tourists...

It is planned that like during the last visit, the day time can be dedicated to visiting the local attractions while the training will take place in the evenings. (If I recall correctly last time we were also presented few boxes of Chiatni to fill up the nights).

All weapons and levels of fencing - including recent beginners - will be catered for!!

The dates of the visit: Thursday, 2 November 06 - Sunday, 5 November 06.

Cost: £330 including coaching, accommodation, transfer from the airport but not the air travel.
Group discounts: Group of two - £315 per person; Group of three - £295 per person!

(British Airways offer flights for £55.90 incl. taxes. See below for details. )

seina 05Accommodation most likely to be in Villa Fiorita walking distance from the town centre and belonging to one of the fencers. Depending on numbers we'll have one or two floors to ourselves. Each floor has 4 double bedrooms and a large living area.

The trip is subject to a minimum of 10 people taking part. So before I proceed any further, please let me know at your earliest convenience whether you'd like to be counted in! And then I will need your payment by mid October the latest, please.

You can see pictures from and read about the last year trip here.

Going Dutch...

In the meanwhile another friendly international visit is scheduled for the end of this month. You can still join the group going to the tournament in the beautiful town of Leiden, Holland. It seems that the main expense will be the night(s?) in Amsterdam on the way there and back due to the tight schedule of visits to the coolest clubs and restaurants. The white fencing outfits will come particularly handy in  this already reserved place

"... really really nice and very unusual club/restaurant - it is ALL WHITE; there you can have  course surprise meal and entertainment (massage, singing etc.) and there are no tables as such - there are just beds - long white sofas.."

This trip is organized by Stefan and Sarah Jane, please contact them direct if you want to join in. Aim to be in Leiden by 1 October.


Saturdays fencing - try it out!

Saturday, 23 September will the the 'open doors' session: we invite all the club members to come and try to free-fence for 3 hours! Simply show up at 2 pm at Finsbury leisure centre with your fencing kit! Drinks afterwards, of course.

Tim Gadaski         
newsletter editor        

Flight details Stanstead - Pisa (bus from Pisa to Siena)

  Flight number From To Class Depart Arrive
Outbound BA2600 Gatwick (London),United Kingdom Pisa,Italy Economy (Traveller) Thu 2 November 2006 ,09:10 Thu 2 November 2006 , 12:15
Inbound BA2601 Pisa,Italy Gatwick (London),United Kingdom Economy (Traveller) Sun 5 November 2006 ,13:00 Sun 5 November 2006 , 14:10

Price breakdown

  Fare per person plus taxes, fees, charges and surcharges* per person Total
1 Adult £ 15.00 £ 40.90 £ 55.90
* The price of your ticket includes a security, insurance and fuel surcharge per flight levied by the carrier. For details please  click here .
The price quoted excludes a surcharge that will be levied if you pay by credit card
Total flight price   £ 55.90
(UK Pounds)