London Fencing Club Tournament 2022

London Fencing Club Championships 2015


After the long and unwanted break the annual London Fencing Club Tournament is back! All members - from the recent beginners to the seasoned competitors - are invited to take part.

Date: Saturday, 16 July 2022. Venue: Finsbury Leisure centre, Norman St, EC1V 3PU.

Check in and the starting times

Check in
Fights start
2019 Champion
Men's epee
12.30 pm
12.45 pm
Men's foil
1 pm
1.15 pm
Women's epee
1.30 pm
2 pm
Women's foil
1.30 pm
2 pm
Men's sabre
2.30 pm
3 pm
Women's sabre
2.30 pm
3 pm

Finals and awards

from 4 pm

There is no entry fee or forms, just please do not be late for the check in.

All participants will be expected to use their own equipment: breeches and all. One round of pools will be followed by the Direct Elimination.

Medals for the Winners and Prize for the Best Beginner!

Volunteers help in setting up, refereeing and running the pools would be highly appreciated.

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