Fencing in the age of self-isolation

These are unprecedented times. We are all doing the best to look after our family and friends while trying to keep up with the ever changing situation. Large industries and small local businesses are all coming under enormous pressure due to the curbs on socializing and travel. Your Fencing Club is one of these places.

Fencing is a non-contact sport and in this sense it is not conducive to the passing of the virus. Nonetheless, we will need to reduce the numbers of people fencing together in order maintain a safe distance between everyone. We will be keeping a close eye on the guidance from Public Health England and maintaining an open dialogue with our venues in order to see what sensible form training might take.

In order to look after the needs of Members who might want to self-isolate, we are developing a range of alternatives to group sessions. These might include online fencing/fitness tutorials, 1-to-1 lessons (maintaining a safe distance), and possibly small group sessions in large or open spaces. We welcome suggestions from Members regarding other possible forms of training which would suit your needs whilst complying with governmental policies.

And, last but not least. Whilst it is, of course, possible to suspend your Membership at the Club during this uncertain time, please bear in mind that all your coaches are self-employed, relying on your subscription for their livelihoods. Your continued support would go a long way and be greatly appreciated.
Keep safe and keep in touch!
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