London Fencing Club Championships 2018

Saturday, 7 July 2018. While other distinguished athletes competed on the hot green fields of Wimbledon and Samara, dozens of unwavering fencers met in the air-conditioned vaults of Finsbury centre to fight for the medals of the Club Tournament 2018.

The competition took place in all six categories, progressing from group stage to Direct Elimination (DE). The fighting was as intense as it was courteous. A number of bouts went to the dramatic 14:14 score and were decided by the very last hit. At least once the priority draw had to be used: in the remarkable epee fight between Kareem and Nick where Nick being 3 points behind at 11:14 managed to catch up and score the equalizing point at the very last second of the bout. In the additional minute he was awarded the priority however Kareem regained his composure and scored the winning point of the fight with the direct attack to the chest.

Well done to all participants and congratulations to the winners!

Women's foil
trophy Victoria
silver Mina
bronze Janet and bronze Laurinda
Women's epee
trophy Ginger
silver Pamela
bronze Eva and bronze Vanessa
Women's sabre
trophy Nadia
silver Kate
bronze Menaka
Men's foil
trophy Lok
silver Fred
bronze Robert and bronzeStephen
Men's epee
trophy Enrico
silver David
bronze Umut and bronze Edward
Men's sabre
trophy Paddy
silver Simon
bronze Olivier and bronze Andy

fencing medalists
Happy Sabreurs: Simon, Paddy, Kate, Nadia, Olivier, Andy and Menaka.

Thanks to all volunteers and coaches who helped with running the tournament: Matt, Virgile, Dumi and to all fencers who refereed between the fights.

More photos on Nadia's instagram:
Video by Rafael on FB page of the Club:

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