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Fencing trip to St.Petersburg

St-Petersburg trip 2018 London Fencing Club is invited to Spartak fencing academy in St.Petersburg to rub shoulders (blades, vodka glasses... fill in as desired) with the Russians. The trip is suitable for all levels from the beginner to the advanced and for all weapons.For those who haven't joined a similar trip few years ago, here is a bit of the.... read more

Protect your femoral artery

Protect your femoral arteryDear All,With the new season upon us I need to remind you to protect your femoral artery, which is the second largest artery in the body located in your thigh. Although it can be defended by the low parries 2, 7 and 8, the best protection of this important blood vessel is achieved by wearing strong fencing breeches. In th.... read more

Individual fencing lessons - Introductory Offer

Perfect your moves using the expert guidance If you haven't had an individual fencing lesson in 2017, you can have 2 for the price of 1 during May-June 2017. Just purchase up to 2 hours of lessons and we'll top it up with another 2 hours of free credits. 1. Log into your Club account: here2. Select Buy Credits link and choose how many hours of.... read more

Are You a One Trick Pony?

by Tim GadaskiSo many fencers would benefit from coaches advice I thought I'd write about variety: not the entertainment mix but the variety of fencing actions: something we, coaches, would love to see more of during the bouts. Unfortunately, what we often see are fencers who keep using the same action again and again, whether or not it is suitable.... read more

London Fencing Club Championships 2018

Saturday, 7 July 2018. While other distinguished athletes competed on the hot green fields of Wimbledon and Samara, dozens of unwavering fencers met in the air-conditioned vaults of Finsbury centre to fight for the medals of the Club Tournament 2018.The competition took place in all six categories, progressing from group stage to Direct Elimination.... read more

Christian Dior Spring 2017 collection

Fencing inspired Christian Dior ready-to-wear Spring 2017 collection is just out. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the new creative director of the house, says that the art of fencing “involves mind and heart at the same time, which women always need if they are to realize themselves.”Quilted, optic white fencing kits with buckled-on halters worn with a ne.... read more

Personal equipment storage

As you might be aware the Club has a small storage room at Finsbury Leisure Centre. This room is designated for the Club equipment, such as the outfits for the beginners and the electric scoring sets.For many years we have also allowed Members to use it for storing their personal equipment free of charge.As the number of the personal bags left in t.... read more

Friday Fencing

From 28 October 2016 a new weekly training session will become available to the members. The new session will take place on Fridays from 7 pm to 8.30 pm at our usual Gymnasium of Central Foundation Boys' School. We invite foil and epee fencers to join this session either by adding it to your current training plan or by switching from another sessio.... read more

Club Rankings 2016

Last chance to improve your annual fighting score - the ranking will close next week. In leading position Matthias Ossyra with 12 wins in mixed foilhttp://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/club-ranking-men-foil-fencing.php?y=2016Ginger Gabriela in mixed epee:http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/club-ranking-mix-epee-fencing.php?y=2016Lea Oljaca in mixed sa.... read more

Changes to Sabre rules

Recently the FIE introduced two new rules concerning the sabre fencing. The blocking time between the touches (time when both lights can come on) has increased from 120 ms to 170 ms. This meant to encourage more technical fencing: parries, ripostes and counter parries which fencers now have more time to perform. The counter attack becomes less eff.... read more

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