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Fencing for children at London Fencing Club

Children interested in fencing on a regular basis are invited to join the Junior section of London Fencing Club.

The classes are run by highly experienced coaches, who teach kids about fencing in a lively and fun atmosphere. Each class is taught using plenty of games to improve speed and co-ordination, develop specific fencing skills and tactical thinking. Kids learn fencing blade and foot work, rules of courtesy during a fencing bout and refereeing skills - all that of course while doing plenty of sword fighting!

We provide an exciting and safe environment to learn the sport and we encourage children to stay with the club as they grow. At the more advanced stages they can take part in various competitions fencing for the club, their school, borough and maybe even the country. Our coaches, all of whom have international competitive experience, are always there to help and motivate!

Junior section times

At the moment the classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school terms. The 7-10 year olds attend from 4 pm to 5 pm. The 11-14 year olds attend from 5 pm to 6 pm.

The membership fees

The fee is £360 per annum (attending once a week) or £540 per annum (attending twice a week). This can be broken into the monthly payments of £30 and £45 respectively, done by standing order, or made as one payment - cheque, cash or card - in which case we offer 10% discount. Please see ways to pay below.

The membership includes:

  • Professional coaching
  • Free use of non electric fencing kit (i.e. masks, jackets, etc.)
  • Free use of electric piste equipment
  • Opportunities to compete for the Club and the Borough

Ways to pay

Standing order:
please fill in and sign this form and pass it to us. Please adjust the amount as necessary. Alternatively you can use the details below to set up regular payments via Internet or telephone banking.

Credit card:
You can make payment by credit card here.

Please send cheque payable to 'London Fencing Club Ltd' to attention of Tim Gadaski at 74 Hawksley Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 0TJ.

If you're interested in getting personal fencing kit for your child (which we recommend) please have a look at the Equipment Advice page.


standing order

London Fencing Club Kids membership subscription
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