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Private fencing lessons

If it occurs that the master breaks one or more blades in the lesson or assault, when training his students, it is their obligation to pay for the broken blades. Similarly, if not as an obligation, at least out of courtesy, it is customary that when a guest breaks his blade his host pays for it...

Vittorio Lambertini, Trattato di scherma, 1870

We are pleased to offer private fencing lessons addressing aspects of your individual fencing style, skill and fitness. Private lessons are the ultimate experience of fencing training and it is recommended that beginners should have at least one lesson a month. Club members have priority for scheduling one to one tuition but if the time allows our dedicated coaches are pleased to work with non-members as well.

20 minutes lessons cost only £ 15, any other lesson length would be calculated at the rate of £ 45 per hour. And if this is your first private fencing lesson you'll get a 50% discount too! (club members only)

To book a lesson simply fill the form below and click 'Send'

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