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Sign up for a fencing week at Cotswolds, 1-4 February 2008!

It's been a while since our fencing weekend in Norfolk which was a great fun, producing a record amount of broken blades and furniture. This time we'll go to Cotswolds - the "Heart of England" and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We'll be staying in Stanton House, an attractive cottage which sleeps 15 in a flexible twin bedroom accommodation. We'll fence, drink, eat and enjoy the surroundings.

Arrive on Friday 1 February
Leave Sunday 3 February (or 4th for a little extra payment)

guilthouse Fencing:

3 hours on Saturday and Sunday, once everyone has woken up. The concept of the trip is Try Another Weapon. You'll have a unique opportunity to fence weapon you've never (or hardly) tried before in the company of like minded individuals. For example, an epeeist could try to fence sabre. Or foilist could fence epee. Be wild, be creative!


We should be able to find the necessary kit for those who needs it.

Food and drink:

Self catering. The cottage has "Large, hand-crafted, fully equipped kitchen with all appliances and a oil burning Aga generating plenty of warmth..." So, bring food and drink. Good cooks will be particularly welcome on this trip!


£220 which includes accommodation, hall hire and coaching, leaving on Sunday.
£250 if you'd like to leave on Monday.

Getting there:

Train or car, about 3 hours away from London. I'm sure we'll have enough drivers willing to give lift to others and share the petrol costs!
How to sign up:
Please let me know at your earliest convenience that you're interested to join in. Please indicate whether you can cook or give lift to others or have some other useful survival skills, for example know how to do card tricks for everyone's entertainment!

The number of places is very limited: 4-5 in each weapon, and they'll be allocated on first come - first served basis! So, I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Tim Gadaski
Cotswolds Appreciator