Currently coaching at the club: Dumi (epee, foil, sabre), Oxana (foil), Virgile (foil, epee, sabre), Alex (sabre), Natalia (epee, foil), Tomy (foil, epee). All available for private lessons.

Club manager: Tim Gadaski.

Below are some biographical data and style pointers.

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Oxana Babaeva

Fencing is one of few sports open to the women of Uzbekistan: the fencing mask protects the face from the harsh beams of the sun and strangers' eyes. Born in this traditional country famous for its pilaf and melons Oxana did not choose fencing - her mother and grandmother were practising it well before she came into the world. They insisted on the continuation of the family custom. The young blue eyed girl soon became the champion of Uzbek Socialist Republic, the champion of Kara-Kum desert and the finalist of All Middle Asian Games. After one of the hottest fencing careers in history Oxana turned to coaching and currently is the head coach of the junior Uzbek fencing team. She is a visiting coach here and upon return to her country will be required to deliver a detailed report on the state of the British defence systems to President Karimov.

2005 till present



Manifold champion of Romania and the Balkans, Dumi came to the UK trying to escape the celebrity spotlight. He keeps a low profile and his public appearances here are very rare. He instructed the club to decline - politely but firmly - any media enquiries about his private life.

2003 - till present

Major Gadaski

Tim Gadaski

Tim Gadaski was born in the Soviet Siberia. Already at the age of 3 he was seen poking the huskies and the local snowman with a big sword-like icicle. Absence of a traditional fencing school within 10,000 miles proximity forced him to learn from the Nature itself. The interlacing branches of the trees bending in the wind and the deer crossing their antlers during the mating season became his first tutors.

Upon joining the Navy in 1989 Tim won the championship of class-A nuclear submarine "Omsk" which was followed by sea-shaking victories on "Minsk", "Pinsk" and finally on "Tomsk".

His bouts include the victory over the evil Colonel Bolshakov which took place in the conditions of the polar night darkness. Only the twinkling stars on the shoulder straps of his opponent helped Major Gadaski to direct his thrusts and escape the unpleasant blows. Upon his retirement Tim became fencing and dancing instructor to the Russian president bodyguards. Unfortunately his main aspiration as a sportsman - to marry an Olympic fencer - has not been fulfilled. He is not losing hope!

2002 - till present

Alex Bela

Alex Bela

coming soon

2011 - till present

Laurent Harper

Laurent Harper

2 times British Champion, Commonwealth Silver medalist. Laurent was born in 1968 and started fencing at the tender age of 7. He ceased to compete 20 years later to became a full time fencing coach and, recently, a black cab capitain. Hobbies include listening to music and having a laugh.

2003 - 2014

Andre Andreev

Andre Andreev

"As a child I tried different sports but eventually I made choose fencing. Loved by everyone Romantic movie Three Musketeers had helped in swaying me to say Da to swordplay!", - explains Andre.

Former Champion of the Ukraine, Master of Sport of the USSR, today Andre puts all his energy into passing the fencing skills to the new generation of romantics.

2006 - 2008


Phil Carson

Artist, musician, philanthropist and secret agent, Phil is the 21st century embodiment of the Renaissance Man - Homo Universalis. With years of coaching experience behind his back, he can answer all reasonable psychological and physical needs of his students. Personal approach, understanding and never failing 'do it with me, do it like me, do it better then me' style of coaching make Phil one of the most sought after mentors in the Square Mile. He is now doing an important job of preparing the new generation of female sabreurs. They could not only cut things off your body but also glue them back into place after the fight.

2004 - 2006

Lance Larsen

Lance Larsen

Here is the life of a fencing coach in his own words:

I was born in nineteen sixty-seven in Spokane Washington, USA. At the age of six my father took out a home improvement loan and instead purchased a motorcycle for me, which he taught me to ride. At sixteen I soloed my first aircraft, a piper tomahawk. At the same age I started fencing at West Central Community Center under Jack Warner. I learned sabre under the tutelage of David Lewis (an air force captain) and got regular instruction from my eventual coach Leon Auriol. At nineteen I started teaching fencing classes at Eastern Washington University under Jerry Krause. At twenty I enrolled at a school for fencing coaches in Dinard, France with a club mate of mine, Randall Griffiths. We were the first two Americans enrolled there. I moved to Los Angeles after coming back to the United States and started teaching at the now defunct Westside Fencing Center. I gave individual lessons to Angelina Jolie, Holly Hunter and Sinead O'Connor. I became a member of Screen Actors Guild and appeared in movies as a "specialty extra"; my total on-screen time is roughly ten minutes worth. The majority of my scenes are deaths; many times the production company killed me off more than once in the same film. I met my ex-wife in Los Angeles and we were married in Wales. We divorced a few years back and now I live in Twickenham. I enjoy computer games, heavy metal music and dancing. When I'm not teaching I play drums with a fifties style band called the Heartbreakers.

2004 - 2006

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