Looking for fencing classes in London?

You can start fencing at any age and soon reap the benefits: strengthening thighs, buttocks and stomach; reduced weight and increased agility. A certain amount of dedication will be required but it's worth it! We offer a variety of beginner level fencing lessons which will give you a good start:

Our beginners' fencing classes cover the basics of fencing and are the ideal taster of the sport. They are suitable for people who haven't previously taken fencing lessons, or for those who fenced a long time ago and would like to return to the sport. The participants of the beginners' classes are introduced to fencing rules, traditions, techniques and tactics. While learning the bladework, fencers exercise in pairs or with the coach. Acquired skills are practised further during the fencing bouts.

All elements are taught slowly and repeated often to ensure that students grasp the move - as well as understanding when it should be executed! By the end of the course the participants should have acquired general knowledge of the sport and feel competent to bout with the more experienced fencers.

  • Suitable for: Ages 15 - 60, women and men, complete beginners or returners.
  • Equipment: Fencing equipment will be provided, just bring t-shirt, track suit bottoms and trainers.
  • Flexibility: OK to switch between classes of the same week occasionally.

Weekly class, 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm:

Introductory fencing class for beginners: 6 weekly lessons.

Covering all the elements described above, this class takes place on early Wednesday evenings. It's possible to swap with the 7 pm Monday or Thursday groups if they run on the same week (subject to places availability), so it's not a problem if you cannot make one evening.

Suitable for complete beginners and ideal if you wish to relieve stress and get some exercise after a day in the office: learn fencing, get fit and make new friends!

Venue: Sports Hall, St.Marylebone C.E. School, 64 Marylebone High Street, London, W1U 5BA (Map).

Starting dates :

31 October 2018, Wednesday (Full)

Fee: £ 150.00

Weekly class, 7 pm - 8 pm:

Introductory fencing class for beginners: 6 weekly lessons.

Master thrusts, parries, ripostes and prise de fer! This course will run on Monday or Thursday evenings. You can swap between classes which started on the same week. For example, having signed up for the Monday course you'll be able to switch to the Thursday session occasionally.

This course is suitable for complete beginners and ideal if you wish to relieve stress and get some exercise after a day in the office: learn fencing, get fit and make new friends!

Venue: Finsbury Leisure Centre, Norman Street, London EC1V 3PU (Map)

Starting dates :

29 October 2018, Monday (Book this course)

01 November 2018, Thursday (Book this course)

07 January 2019, Monday (Book this course)

10 January 2019, Thursday (Book this course)

Fee: £ 150.00 £ 120.00

Book by 25 October and get 20% off the normal price!

Saturday workshops Porthos. 12.30 pm - 3 pm:

Set of two workshops, 2.5 hours each.

These intensive workshops for beginners will run on two Saturdays, 2.5 hours each. They will provide a good workout while covering all important fundamentals of fencing. You do not need to be as strong as the famous musketeer to take part in this crash event but you might feel his type of appetite after the class!

The class will be held from 12.30 pm to 3 pm (with a short break).

Venue: Finsbury Leisure Centre, Norman Street, London, EC1V 3PU (Map)

Next set of workshops: 2 and 9 February 2019.

Starting dates :

02 February 2019, Saturday (Book this course)

Fee: £ 150.00 £ 98.00

Book by 31 October and get 35% off the normal price!

Individual tuition course:

4 hours of one to one lessons with Fencing Master

Individual lessons are the ultimate experience of fencing training. The master will be working exclusively with you and, if you have one, your fencing partner.

The programme which will be tailored to your personal needs, style and temperament would normally consist of 4 x 1 hour fencing lessons.

The dates: arranged individually, on week evenings or on Saturday afternoons.

Venue: Finsbury Leisure Centre, London, EC1 or Gymnasium of Central Foundation Boys' School, London, EC2.

(Book this course)

Fee: £ 280.00 £ 196.00

30% off in October!
Only 273 for a couple taking lessons together!

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Individual fencing lessons: learn your
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