English athletes in Siena to learn from D'Argenio

Fencing what a passion

SIENA - The Uisp Fencing Club in Via Avignone played host for 4 days to 18 English athletes who requested an update course and an intensive training session at the school of D'Argenio.

After about fifty years of fencing at high levels, first as an athlete and then as a coach, once again the master Ruggero D'Argenio deserves the title of the symbol of Sienese fencing, as is demonstrated by the fact that a team of sixteen athletes and two masters who in these days (four to be precise) have arrived directly from London to take part in an update course and an intensive training session at the Hall of the Uisp Fencing Club in via Avignone in Siena.

The initiative started thanks to both the international fame of the Master and the great work of constant worldwide public relations of the members of the newly born club. In fact some months ago after an initial telephone contact, two masters from a noted London club, one of whom was the famous Tim Gradesky, visited the Uisp fencing Club, and asked if they could organise a short course with the school of the instructor-athletes of D'Argenio (notoriously English fencers are not at the same level as Italians).

The fencing section of the Uisp has therefore been set in motion and the agreement has been reached for the first week in February. In the programme of the course the most important day is planned for Friday, as after the training session all the athletes of the club and the English guests will meet for dinner for an exchange of tributes and above all with the intention of starting an interpersonal relationship that goes beyond the purely combative.

In the minds of the managers of Uisp fencing there is the will to create between the athletes the feeling necessary to nourish a possible sporting-cultural twinning between Siena and London in the future.

expert translation by R.Bradbury

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