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  October 2016

  New training sessions on Fridays  Halloween Party Changes in Sabre rules Club T-shirts • Christian Dior Spring 2017 Collection

Friday Fencing

From 28 October 2016 a new weekly training session will become available to the members. The new session will take place on Fridays from 7 pm to 8.30 pm at our usual Gymnasium of Central Foundation Boys' School. We invite foil and epee fencers to join this session either by adding it to your current training plan or by switching from another session. The Friday sessions will be coached by Pasquale.

The extra cost for adding Friday session to your current plan is only £10 per month which works out as less then £2 per hour's training. There is no cost for switching.

If you'd like to start attending on Fridays please drop me email to timg@londonfencingclub.co.uk

Halloween Party

The first Friday fencing session will be followed by the Hallow's Eve gathering at Three Tuns Pub, 36 Jewry St, EC2N 2ET organized by Kivia, Nadia, Adeel and Umut. Any requests for opinion about your outfit and whether or not to bring your scythe along should be addressed directly to them. Loads of merry/scary drinking is expected and you should be part of it.

Halloween party

Changes to Sabre rules

Recently the FIE introduced two new rules concerning the sabre fencing. The blocking time between the touches (time when both lights can come on) has increased from 120 ms to 170 ms. This meant to encourage more technical fencing: parries, ripostes and counter parries which fencers now have more time to perform. The  counter attack becomes less effective as the attacker has more time to catch up and land his hit. This change will probably stand till at least the end of the current Olympic cycle.

The second new rule is currently in a short term trial. The rule affects the initial positioning of the sabreurs who are now required to start with the back foot on the on guard line. Proposed by the Russian fencers this change is also known as the Russian Death Box.  The purpose is to discourage simultaneous attacks but whether it is fulfilled remains to be seen. Both of the new rules are still to be tested in a major tournament. Watch the next World Cup and judge for yourself!

Mens t-hirt
                      in Roayl Blue
  Men's t-shirt (Royal Blue)

New Club T-shirts

Some of you might have already noticed the new London Fencing Club t-shirts  worn by their proud owners. The t-shirt which took more than 5 years to produce is the ultimate fencing garment combining comfort, durability, London cool and historical innuendo. The design is based on the famous Academie de l'Espée (1628) by Girard Thibault.

The t-shirts are made from 100% organic ring-spun cotton.

Limited numbers available in White, Sky Blue or Royal Blue.

Cost £20

The t-shirts can be ordered from londonfencingclub.co.uk/fencingshop.php
The shop is still "in Beta", so if you experience any issues, please do not despair. The product will be duly delivered to you.
T-shirt womens
  Women's t-shirt (Sky blue)

On Trend

Fencing inspired Christian Dior ready-to-wear Spring 2017 collection is just out. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the new creative director of the house, says that the art of fencing “involves mind and heart at the same time, which women always need if they are to realize themselves.”

Quilted, optic white fencing kits with buckled-on halters worn with a new line of trainers and knee-length boots comprise the core of the collection.


The coverage of the collection by Vogue is here.
Tim Gadaski

Club Manager


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