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June 2013 Newsletter, No 50
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Club Championships 2013



All members from the recent beginners to the seasoned competitors are invited to take part in the Club Championships 2013!

Date: Saturday, 6 July 2013. Venue: Finsbury Leisure centre.

Check in and the starting times

Check in
Fights start
2012 Champion
Men's epee
11 am
11.30 am
Men's foil
12 pm
12.30 pm
Women's epee
1 pm
1.30 pm

Women's foil
1 pm
1.30 pm
Men's sabre
2.30 pm
3 pm
Women's sabre
2.30 pm
3 pm
Erin B
Finals all weapons

4 pm

There is no entry fee or forms but whenever possible please let me know in advance that you'll be taking part. Some events might be combined depending on the attendance.

Epee and foil fencing will be using the electrical scoring while sabre will be electrical whenever possible.  One round of pools will be followed by the Direct Elimination.

Prizes for the Winners and for the Best Beginner!

Volunteers help in setting up, refereeing and running the pools would be highly appreciated!

The awards and the thirst quenching ceremony will take place from 5.30 pm at the Eagle, 2 Shepherdess  Walk, N1 7LB.

Other tournaments

If you haven't competed before and would like to try a local entry level competition, then London Novice and Intermediate Champs 2013  might be for you. The tournament will take place on Sunday 14 July in Ealing.

For more seasoned fencers there will be Cambridge Open Air on 7 July, Norfolk Open on 20 July and our local London Open on 27/28 July at Westway Sports Centre.

If you'd like to take part please talk to the coaches and the captains who could put you in touch with other members going. Team entries are always encouraged too!

on the pedestalSuccess at the European Championships

The Wednesday foil group would be pleased to know that their coach Gabriella took bronze medal in the team event at this year’s European Championships in Zagreb, Croatia. The Championships also proved a success for the British men's foil team who also took bronze beating France and Russia on the way.

Gabriella will be briefly in London for the next two weeks and then again from mid August. There are still some slots available in her lessons time table. Do not hesitate to book your lesson soon: http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/private_lessons.php

Website upgradescreenshot

Regular users of our bookable lessons time table have noticed some recent changes (hopefully, they can be called improvements): locations of the lessons are now clearly indicated for each coach and day, the photos of the coaches adore their corresponding columns and the available dates now appear at the top of the table.

While you're training, some intense programming is going on behind the screens. The club website that hasn't changed for about 10 years, is now being repainted white, the navigation is updated according to the most recent Google guidelines and the facilities for the registered users are being improved. I hope by the end of July (or even before) the new design will become operational.

In the meanwhile please do not hesitate to let me know about your web-wise suggestions. All offers of help from IT experts or content creators would be greatly appreciated as well.

Things for sale

Some summer discounts on the fencing essentials for your attention. Just email me with your requests. The kit can be delivered to one of our venues at no cost.

London Fencing Club sweatshirts (selected sizes remaining)  £50 £25
Masks (350N non electric) - £50 £45 (or second hand for £10)
Body wires, copper with transparent plug (epee) - £12
Body wires for foil or sabre, bayonet or two pin - £12
Weapon bag - £12
Epee (electric) - £50 (free body wire included)
Foil (electric) - £45
Sabre (electric, continental socket) - £40 £45
Set of epee + body wire + bag - £70 £60
Hold all  fencing bag - £35
Tournament bag with wheels - £120 £50
Epee blades (electric) - £25 £22
Foil blades (electric) - £20
Sabre blades - £12

Offers valid till the end of the summer.

 Tim Gadaski
newsletter editor

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