London Fencing Club
March 2012 Newsletter, No 47

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Dear All,

Just in: London Fencing Club sweatshirts LFC sweatshirt

New Club zipped sweatshirts, cosy and stylish, have just arrived and are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Men's sweatshirts in black, navy, red or used brown. Sizes S, M, L, XL.

Women's in white, black or light grey. Sizes S and M.

All sweats are 280 gsm, and feature Burning Heart logo on left chest and words London Fencing Club on the back (same as the hoodies which were available a couple of years ago).

Prices: standard £50, members' price £40.

Only a small number has been made, so order soon! Simply email me size/colour you require and pay cash or cheque on receipt.

Volunteers needed II: become a 'fencing buddy' for new joiners!

Starting in a fencing club can be quite demanding. We all remember! It's not only the fencing technique that one has to learn, there are also plenty of other details: the equipment, the structure of the sessions, the style of the coaches, lessons, tournaments and what ever else. Here it'd be great to have a 'buddy'- a friendly person and with some previous fencing experience... Are you willing to become one?  Have you been in this Club for a while, know the drills and would like to help someone who is just starting? If yes, please step forward!

And... are you a new joiner who'd be interested in some extra guidance? Do let me know.

New members FAQs

Our warm welcome to the members who've recently joined the Club!own kit

I list below some of the frequently asked questions - and the answers.

How many times a week to train?
We recommend attending the fencing sessions at least 2-3 times a week - this way your skills will build up much faster and you won't feel that after a week of inactivity you forgot what you've done on the previous lesson! Two evening classes + Saturdays free play is probably the best combination which will give you a good balance of learning and practice. This plan is only £55 per month (£35 + £10 + £10) and we'll also give you a free complimentary private lesson every month!

Can I fence more than one weapon?
I'd recommend learning 2 weapons. There are things that you can acquire in epee which will come very handy in sabre, foil ideas that will benefit your epee fencing, etc. Do not try to fence all three - this will just confuse you, but two - by all means!

Do I need private lessons?
Private lessons can be extremely beneficial to your progress as a fencer! Whether you compete or not, this is your chance to develop your individual tactics, 'golden strokes' and correct the bad habits! Try to book at least 20-40 min of private lessons a month if you use fencing recreationally and more if you compete. You can book the lessons via the website: http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/private_lessons.php on pay-as-you-go basis. 

The members' rate for individual lessons is currently £48 p/h (they can be 20, 40 or 60 min). There are cheaper rates if you set up a pre-paid lessons account.

We also offer the dedicated Individual Lessons plan. The deal is simple: add £36 per month to your subscription and receive a monthly 1 hour individual tuition allowance (this makes it 33% cheaper than the usual members' rate). If in any particular month you cannot use the whole allowance, it is rolled over to the next month!

Should I get my own kit?
This not urgent but bare in mind that having your own fencing kit is more comfortable, safe and hygienic than the beginners' range you use at the club - with it you'll enjoy fencing more! It will also allow you to fence when ever you feel like it: at home with friends, visiting other venues or even other countries! It will be necessary if you decide to fence using the electric scoring at the club or enter a competition (yes, one day it might happen!). We have a dedicated page on the website which will give all necessary information about what items you might want to buy - and where it can be done: http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/equipment/

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