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November/December 2010 Newsletter, No 43

  World Championships 2010 Three Of A Kind Tournament Christmas Party and Break Forthcoming Trips
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Happening now: World Championships 2010 sabrage

It is still not too late to catch a Eurostar train for a day break at the World  Fencing Championships taking place in Paris till 13 November. (Most events have been already sold out though!)

27 British fencers are taking part along with 32 Americans, 31 Kirgyz, 41 Russians, 1 representative of Brunei and many others. So far South Korea and the US are in the lead with 1 Gold medal (individual sabre) each. If you do not go to Paris there is occasional Sky Sport coverage and you can check results on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_World_Fencing_Championships
There is also a US focused commentary on http://www.fencing.net/news/

Three Of A Kind: In house Pre-Christmas Team Bash

You're invited to take part in our new friendly pre-Christmas team tournament.
You can enter either as a team or as an individual in which case you'll be allocated a place in a team.
The teams will be comprised of 3 fencers of different weapons and must be mixed sex. Team must have a name which includes the word or alludes to the number Three. In the tournament each fencer will compete against the opposite of the same weapon while the results will be accumulated in a relay to the total of 15 hits.

Date and Time: Saturday, 4 December 2010, 2 pm - 5 pm.
Venue: Finsbury Leisure Centre
How to enter: Please let me know by 30 November that you'll be participating and, if you enter as a team, its name and the names of your team mates. Please do not hesitate to put your name down if you do not have the team yet. We'll match you up with others!
Fee: Free for London Fencing Club members

xmasChristmas party 

The annual recreational is scheduled for Friday, 10 December from 8 pm till 1 am.

Venue: Balls Brothers, 158 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4LN (1 min walk from Liverpool St station)

This time we'll be sharing the venue with a group of dancers and, on Victoria's hint with some rugby players. Expect strong 80s selection from the DJ, snacks, experimental performance and meeting some old buddies.

Please feel free to bring a friend and anything home made!

Christmas break and other dates

The last day of training this year will be Saturday 18 December and we'll re-open on Monday, 3 January 2011.

Please note there won't be the sabre session on Thursday, 16 December. Please join the 8 pm class on Wednesday, 15 December instead (at Finsbury Leisure centre).

Please note that on Saturdays 13 and 20 November the free play session might need to start half an hour later then usual. This is due to changes in the leisure centre time table. You can still show up at 2 pm to warm, take a lesson, etc.

Make yourself a Christmas present

While we're on the subject of Christmas while not treat yourself to the luxury of a new body wire or even new weapon or mask? We have a number of brand new items at discounted prices for the members:

fencerMasks (350N) - £50 (or second hand for £10)
Body wires, copper with transparent plug (epee) - £12
Weapon bag - £12
Epee (electric) - £50
Set of epee + body wire + bag - £70
Hold all  fencing bag - £35
Epee blades (electric) - £25
Foil blades (electric) - £20
Sabre blades - £12

And other items which might be build/ordered for you. Email your requests!

sicilyForthcoming trips

The trip to Athens has been postponed till the first week of May 2011 - this is to allow on board all those members who've already spent this year holiday allowance. Please make your allocation now in advance!

The Autumn 2011 trip is planned for Sicily which will be hosting the next year World Championships (8 - 16 October). My thanks to Claudia, a native Sicilian who is using her personal connections on the island to organize this trip. Once again, we'd love to get an idea regarding the size of the group in advance, so if you're interested to come, please let me know - and allocate your holiday allowance!
Presentation of World Fencing Championships CATANIA 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJlDqNmEUb4

london leagueGold at London League

Well done to all our fencers who took part in the recent London League tournament and particularly to the foil team (Armando, Antoinne and Coen) who took the first place. Excellent performance!

Coaches times

Please note that Dumi won't be available on Saturdays in January/February 2011, please book lessons with Huchy instead. Dumi will be coaching more on Thursdays in the meanwhile.

We'll be looking to offer extra coaching hours from 2011. More details to follow.

 Tim Gadaski
newsletter editor


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