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July/August 2010 Newsletter, No 42

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Fencing picnic (or Pub) - Bank holiday, 30 May 2010, 2 pm

The traditional Bank holiday picnic is coming up! Everyone able to hold a sword and an umbrella is invited. Be prepared to fence al fresco and quench your thirst with gallons of Champagne. If it rains the pubs are nearby

fencing picnic Date and time: Monday 30 August 2010, from 2 pm onwards

Location: Highbury Fields. It is near Highbury and Islington tube (Victoria line or Silverlink). Walk out of the tube and you'll see Barclays bank on the other side of Holloway road. Highbury Fields are just behind it.
Here is the map.

Free parking after 1.30 pm.

What to bring:gallons of Champagne, something to eat, something to play and fence with.

Contingency plan: In case of heavy rain or other acts of Nature let's meet at Alwyne Castle pub nearby (83 St.Pauls Rd, London, N1 2LY).

Watch our version of Eyes Wide Shut from the last year picnic.

Website: Lessons Account

Individual lessons are very important to your progress as a fencer. Whether you compete or not, this is your chance to develop your individual tactics, 'golden strokes' and correct the bad habits! Our coaches recommend to book at least 20-40 min of private lessons a month if you fence recreationally and 60 min or more per week if you compete. The club website offers unique booking facility allowing to reserve your preferred slots in advance.

Many members already use Lessons Account which offers cheaper rates and a greater flexibility when amending the lessons. Recent improvements to this function include the new cancellation option: now you can cancel lessons after login into the account even if you lost the cancellation code. You'll also see how many credits are on your account immediately after login in. Finally the login link is now on the left hand menu of the site.

I'd like to encourage our new members to use this function for booking the individual lessons. And here is the special promotion:

Credit your lessons account with 1 hour before the end of September and get 1 hour Free.
(Valid for the regulars too - as long as you use the account top up facility. Maximum 1 hour!
If the Free hour didn't appear on your account automatically please email me with a reminder)

Start here!

Coaches update

Oxana will be away till the 20th of September (approximately) while Huchy is coming back in a couple of weeks time. Since Huchy is mostly giving individual lessons I'd be interested to know how many people are planning to book him on a regular basis. Please let me know - this would help to decide how many hours of work he can expect with us.


Trip to Athens

is on the cards and penciled in for the end of October. I'm waiting for the exact dates  and will send email with all the details early next month.

Club Champions 2010

Club Championships in July gathered more than 50 participants with all weapons represented (even though Nadia was the only one who entered women's sabre!). It was a hot day which would be very suitable for a picnic. The fights took place in an uncompromising yet courteous manner which is the signature style of our fencers.

Congratulations to 2010 Champions!

Lucy Harris (women's epee)
David Bishop (men's epee)
Anthony Kingsley (men's foil)
Chie Kobayashi (women's foil)
Nadia Isaakova (women's sabre)
Simon Warwicker (men's sabre)

More results here.

Congratulations to Raj!

even though he didn't take part in the Championships. Instead Raj snatched a finer prize by marrying beautiful Komal. The wedding was a grand event with 500+ dancing guests, refined Indian cuisine and an elephant sized Rolls Royce automobile. Fencing friends presented Raj with the 18th century Moghul Tulwah sword. wedding
wedding wedding

Fencing on video

I might be stating the obvious but for all those members who inquire about the additional ways to train and to learn about fencing: today you have what none of your coaches had in the older days - the Internet plethora of fencing videos. A brief search on YouTube will offer videos from tournaments, training video aids and even great refereeing practice - just watch a fight and make your calls before you hear the decision of the president.

Here are some examples:
Use of counter attack in foil (tactics): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxP3NxRqhS8
Some sabre refereeing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2umo9pvl
And a bit of epee action from 1940: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49k-QdY_j_Q

 Tim Gadaski
newsletter editor

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