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September/October 2007 Newsletter, No 30

Trip to Romania: now in March 08  Dates for your calendar •  World Championships 2007
Competitions update  •  New coaches  and  Private lessons  •  Fantasy Party! 

salaTrip to Romania: change of dates!

You might have received the earlier invitation to join the trip to Satu Mare, Transilvania - the land of dreamy villages, gypsy music and the only dedicated fencing salle in Romania.

There seemed to be plenty of interest in the trip, yet most people said that they're out of their holiday allowance for this year and asked  whether the trip would be repeated. We therefore decided to mover the trip to Spring 2008 and have more fun by taking one big crowd rather then to have two smaller groups. Therefore the new dates of the trip have been pencilled in:

15-18 March 2008

Can you make those dates? Please let us know!


Other notes for your diary:

27 October 2007, Saturday: the free play session will take place in the Activity Room upstairs in stead of the usual basement hall.

Same evening: Fantasy Party hosted by Adam and Chrissy (see invite below).

Christmas party - the date to be confirmed. Anyone willing to give a hand in organizing it? Please, step forward!

17 December 2007 - 1 January 2008 - Christmas break

World Championships 2007

St.Petersburg, Russia, 29 September - 7 October

The World Championships 2007 have just finished this Sunday and here is your immediate report! The biggest surprise was the defeat of the American women's sabre team. The trio Ward, Zagunis and Jacobson (Olympic and World champions and medalists in the previous years) did not take a single medal in the individual competitions and were knocked out in the early stages of the team event. I'm sure the reasons for this poor performance will be thoroughly analysed by our American colleagues in due course. What comes to mind however is that coach of the American team borrowed heavily from the epee technique and hence their fencing relied on the counter attack, particularly on the touches on the forearm under and around the guard. Recent changes in the rules requiring sabre attacks to be in the high line (aiming at the valid target) might have served the deadly blow to the previously invincible American style.

Both sabre gold medals were taken by Russians: Vyacheslav Pozdnyakov (who now has become the World Champion for the 8th time) and Elena Nechaeva. Those who've been to Spartak fencing academy in St.Petersburg might be pleased to know the Elena trained there for many years.

Once again the French showed excellent fraternité spirits by winning most of the team events (ME, WE, MF, WS) - this is despite having no gold in the individual competitions! In the meanwhile, the Italian women foilists demonstrated their class by taking all medals in the women's foil individuals and yet they did not get a medal in the team event sensationally being dispatched in the quarter finals by the Japanese team!  Perhaps this is a good illustration of how different the individual and the team fencing is!

The best British result was Crystal Nicoll's 33rd place in women's sabre (more results).

If you'd like to watch some of the bouts, use your YouTube skills: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14L0sJ1fgA8&mode=related&search=

epee final
coup de Jarnac...A piercing moment during the men's epee final in St.Petersburg. Despite the French tricks of Eric Bossie (one remembers 1547 Coup de Jarnac! ) Krisztian Kulcsar of Hungary went on to win the gold.

Our people on the piste

While the world stars were battling in in snowy St.Petersburg, a sexy group of our epeeists  went to Sussex Open Tournament. They've done well with Chrissy taking the 3rd and Rachel the 5th place. Excellent performances came from Amee and Ondine who started to compete very recently.  Adam and Richard have finished in the respectable last 32.

by Sara Spence

New Men’s Foil Captain

We say a big thank you to Anthony Kingsley who has agreed to join us as Men’s Foil Captain.  Sara and Gerhard will continue to add support where needed.


20 October 2007

ULU Team competition – ‘London Team Trophy’

Full details including closing date can be found here: http://www.ulufencing.net/LTT07.pdf

      This was great fun last year and Gadaski enjoyed it all the more as Andreas, Albert and Gerhard took the Men’s Foil 2006 cup.  (The cup can be admired without appointment at The Britannia.) ULU are a friendly lot - we all went out for a meal afterwards and drank more than was good for us.

Teams can be all men/all women/mixture.  

20 October 2007

Bedford Open

Full details including closing date can be found here : http://www.bedfordfencing.co.uk/

10 November 2007

Welsh Open

Full details including closing date can be found here:  http://www.welshopen.welshfencing.org/default.asp?iId=IFFLE

There is a full list of foil competitions for 2007/2008 in the equipment room.

Would you like to compete?

Please speak to captains:  Adam, RachelSara, Anthony and Simon about attending competitions.

Most of the competitions are listed in the calendar  available on the British Fencing Association website.

New coaches: Paul and Andre. Private lessons.lesson

Many of you have already met Paul Decsei who now coaches the foil class on Mondays and Tuesdays and gives individual lessons in all three weapons on Wed, Thu and Sat. Paul's style is characterized by  the stress on f the basic technical skills and the attention to the psychology of the fencing bout. He'd be the best person to talk to if you want to address some fundamentals of your fencing style.

Andre Andreev is a sabre coach from Ukraine who'll be helping Nick during the Thursdays class. As the majority of the East European coaches he studied his skill for 5 years at the Institute for Physical Education (in Lviv). His other interests include book keeping and riding the motorbike.

Both Paul and Andre are available for private lessons which can be booked on the website: http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/private_lessons.php

Can I just remind once again that the importance of private lessons to your progress as a fencer cannot be over estimated! Whether you compete or not, this is your chance to develop your individual tactics, 'golden strokes' and correct the bad habits! Try to book at least 20-40 min of private lessons a month if you use fencing recreationally and more if you compete. To encourage you, we are offer the dedicated Individual Lessons plan. The deal is simple: add £30 per month to your subscription and receive a monthly 1 hour individual tuition allowance (this makes it 33% cheaper than usual members' rate). If in any particular month you cannot use the whole allowance, it is rolled over to the next month!

Party, party!

Following the tremendous success of the last year's Halloween party, Adam and Chrissy are inviting all those with lively imagination and the desire to have a good time to their Fantasy Party!

Come in a Fantasy theme costume while smelling of expensive perfume and carrying flowers and a bag full of drinks to:

Flat 1, 70 Ironmonger Row, London, EC1V 3QR (just around the corner from Finsbury Leisure Centre) on

Saturday 27 October,  8 pm onwards...

Please have a look at the invite below for more ideas and the addresses of the fancy dress hire shops!  (Mad World on Tabernacle St is next to Central Foundation Boys' School)

Do YOU want to throw a party?

Please suggest the time and the place and we'll help you to find the excuse!

 Tim Gadaski
newsletter editor

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