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August 2007 Newsletter, No 29

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Dear All,

I hope you're having excellent holidays right at this very moment gathering the energy and the strength for the new fencing season starting in September. That's when your coaches will introduce you to the new sets of fitness exercises aimed at improving endurance, cardio-vascular ability, weight loss and general feeling of well being.  The club moves to the new season in a good shape: highest ever membership, classes at a new location, extra coaches and even more determination to provide the best possible fencing framework for the members.

picnicFencing picnic

This summer it's been very hard to pick a date for the traditional picnic as the weather has been even more British than usual. However the forecast is still favourable for this bank holiday, so come and have a bit of fresh air, a glass of wine and perhaps a couple of duels! Please note that there is no fencing at the usual venues on that day.

Date and time: Monday 27 August, from 2 pm onwards
Location: Highbury Fields. It is near Highbury and Islington tube (Victoria line or Silverlink). Walk out of the tube and you'll see Barclays bank on the other side of Holloway road. Highbury Fields are just behind it.
Here is the map. (The arrow points to the exact spot!)

Free parking after 1.30.

What to bring: bottle of wine, food, friends, mother in law, dog, and, if you intend to fence, your fencing gear.

Contingency plan: In case of heavy rain or snow let's meet instead at Alwyne Castle pub nearby (
83 St.Pauls Rd, London, N1 2LY).

Our people on the piste

Club championships

30 June 2007

The club championships which gathered more than 50 participants took place - as one would expect - in the atmosphere of refined sportsmanship and courtesy. The female participants often gallantly waived their handicap points helping the stronger sex to perform as desired. The hits were duly acknowledged when necessary and no unsightly mask-throwing (so common nowadays on the competitive arena) was recorded by the referees who did not give a single yellow card (not to mention the red and the black ones) during the whole tournament.

Here are the names of the champions and the medalists:

1. Anthony Kingsley
2. Sara Spence
3. Alexandra Rodrigues and Coen Louwarts

1. Jacob Clark
2. Nico Loubser
3. Yu Du and Richard Powell

1. Adeel Iqbal
2. Adam Steiner
3. Chrissy Flounders and Dominic Yu

The world-wide recording on the Epee Final is now available on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-6Yu3dt9ds

Congratulations to all!

British championships

Sheffield, 23 July 2007

Our best result in the individual competitions was Adam's 37th (out of 112) place in epee tournament. Here is a short report about the women's foil team competing on the second day:
Salle Gadaski was represented by Oksana Babaeva, Tamara Babaeva, and team captain Sara Spence. The competition started with all captains being called to the DT (drugs testing) office at the beginning. The Salle Gadaski captain nearly had a heart attack as she raced to the office to find out what the hell was going on. Organizers do enjoy their private amusements – it was only to sort out in which format the team competition should be run. It was decided after some ‘discussion’ to go to the vote and those wanting a poule unique won. Only one team had comparable recent competition experience, the rest were amalgamations of the best fencers of the previous day. Salle Gadaski put up a valiant fight to finish 4th overall which was an excellent result. 

Thanks are due to Tamara Babaeva for stepping in at the last minute to join the team, and also again to the epeeists and captains, Rachel, Chrissy and Adam for their support.

Would you like to compete?

Please speak to captains:  Adam, Rachel or Sara about attending competitions.

Most of the competitions are listed in the calendar  available on the British Fencing Association website.

paul dGuest coach: Paul Decsei

While Dumi is away this week (20-25 August) some of his classes will be taught by another champion of the Romanian fencing school: Paul Decsei. Paul has been coaching internationally for many years. One of his pupils is the current sabre champion of Sweden yet his top expertise lies in epee and foil.

I know that we all will make him feel very welcome in London (his first visit!) And for those who'd like to book a private lesson with him: you can do it already: http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/private_lessons.php

Pick of the Web


Tired of the corporate hotmail, hard trying yahoo and ice cream eating gmail?  Here is your chance to have the email address with a difference: yourname@londonfencingclub.co.uk! Impress your friends, lovers and everyone else! For London Fencing Club members only!  Write back for details.

Salle Gadaski/London Fencing Club on Facebook

The group set up by Rommel already has 35 members and is growing fast. Facebook's idea is to encourage networking. For example you can become a virtual werewolf and start biting everyone around... Or just share your feelings in more conventional ways. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2351268460

Fencing trivia

How is your general knowledge of fencing? Still a beginner or more on the expert side? This site offers you an opportunity to check yourself: http://library.thinkquest.org/15340/trivia.html

Too easy? Well, in this case try to find in the expert section the answer which is wrong!

Fencing al fresco:
your ideas required!

Someone has proposed to have a lunch time or Sunday fencing class that would meet outdoors enjoying higher oxygen and sun shine intake than normal. The main obstacle of course is the question what happens if it rains? However if there would be a park with some kind of roofed terrace/stage then maybe regular fencing al fresco would be possible!

Any opinions, suggestions?


 Tim Gadaski
newsletter editor

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