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June/July 2007 Newsletter, No 28

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trophyClub Championships!

All members: from recent beginners to seasoned competitors are invited to cross swords for the title of the Club Champion 2007!  The Championships will be in all three weapons. Women and men will fence together - with a handicap.

Location: Finsbury Leisure Centre, EC1
Date: Saturday, 30 June 2007

Check in:
Epee - Midday
Foil - 1 pm
Sabre - 2 pm

Fights will start shortly after the check in and we'll aim to finish by 5 pm with a Grand Finale in each weapon. (To help us with organizing this event please let us know in advance about your participation when ever possible!)

Epee fencing will be using the electrical scoring while foil and sabre will be electrical when possible. Inter gender handicap: 2 hits in pool fights (which will be to 5 hits) and 6 hits during the direct elimination fights (which will be to 15 hits).

Trophies are awaiting! And it's a good tradition for the winner to buy everyone a drink afterwards!

Our people on the piste

The Isle of Wight Open

12/13 May 2007

Salle Gadaski was represented in epee and foil tournaments. The women's epee team was outstanding; Chrissy came second and Rachel was 5th. In men's epee Adeel made a huge impression, nearly knocking out Dudley Tredger the British number 15, literally as well as figuratively. He finished the 27th, Adam the 36th.
In women's foil we were represented by Sara Spence who won 3 of 5 in the poule round and then went out in first DE finishing 11th. A week later in Sheffield Sara finished 9th.

On the International arena women's epee shined again in the team competition in Paris where Rachel, Priscille and Donna took the bronze.

National Rankings as at the end of May/June:

Women's foil: Angela 86th; Sara 87th.
Men's Epee: Adam 75th; Shakespeare 107th; Adeel 179th; Dominic 224th; Richard 384th
Women's Epee: Chrissy 30th; Rachel 43rd
Would you like to compete?

Please speak to captains:  Adam, Rachel or Sara about attending competitions.

Most of the competitions are listed in the calendar  available on the British Fencing Association website.

The epee team say they require one more lady
in the  top 100 to reach their target for the year
with 7 months to spare.

"We need more women" - confirmed epee team
captain Adam Steiner.


Fencing equipment: advice and reviews

A new page packed with information about fencing equipment suitable for beginners as well as advanced fencers is now available on the club's website. The unique feature of the page is user reviews of the UK fencing suppliers which will allow you to choose your dealer relying on the recommendations of those who already went, bought, tested and know what they're talking about.

Please have a look at http://www.londonfencingclub.co.uk/equipment - and do not forget to leave your review too!

In the spot light

If you were mildly disappointed by the snogging-while-fencing action in the recent Pirates of the Caribbean 3, come to assess how it's done by the masters of  the Northern Ballet Theatre. Their   energetic swashbuckling performance of The Three Musketeers is at Sadler's Wells between Tuesday 5 and Sunday 10 June 2007. 
3 mIn the meanwhile the club's own epeeist Kevin Kautzman is displaying his skills in Camus' Caligula at the Union Theatre from the 3rd to the 25th of June in London. A story of an intelligent and restless and young man forced to reassess the value of his existence... Sounds familiar? More details are on www.talonarts.co.uk.


flaming heart

 Tim Gadaski
newsletter editor