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January/February 2007 Newsletter, No 25

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New epee class and new kids' class • Competitions reports  •  Marco - new sabre coach  •   Individual lessons plans  •   Birthday drinks  •   Salle Candidski  •   Xmas party and International Food Competition Results  •  Small ads  

Dear All,

I hope you  had an excellent start of the year! I hurry to update you on a some recent news, reports and gossip!

New epee class

... has started last month at our venue on Cowper Street. The class takes place from 7 pm to 8.30 pm and being coached by Dumi, Rachel and myself. Our warm welcome to the students from the last and this years beginners' courses who comprised the core of the new class: Alan, Andrew, Carl, Cathy, Daniel, Debbie, Gemma, Hans, Helena (welcome back), Ian, Iesha, Ioanna (welcome back!), Javier, Jemima, John, Jonathan Hodgkinson and Jonathan Summers, Lorea, Marco, Mark, Martin Latimer and Martin McGeown (welcome back!), Michelle Howard (welcome back, too!) and Michelle Pearson, Ondine, Oriana, Owain, Peter, Rebecca, Roberto, Ruby, Shelagh, Samantha, Sarah and Troy!

This new session means that the epeeists can now fence at the club up to 3 times (6 hours) a week: on Mondays (7 - 8.30 pm), Thursdays (8 - 9.30 pm) and Saturdays (2 - 5 pm), which should offer a reasonably good intensity for anyone who wishes to progress fast! Get in touch if you think you'd like to add another weekly session to your plan!


Kids' classes

Do you think you might have children aged 8-13? If not, then maybe you have family rich friends who could be interested to know that we invite kids to the classes which take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 6.30 pm. Spread the word! All details are here.

xmas party
 The hat trick: Precious and Simon  at the Christmas party. Photo: Yu

Christmas party and the International Food Competition

The memories of this remarkable event at Filthy MacNasty's attended by nearly a hundred glamorous fencers will remain for the months to come. Many thanks to everyone who helped organizing the party and to the international cooks who entered their fabulous creations into the 2nd International Christmas Food Competition! The jury comprised of Santa and the Snow Girls had a difficult task of choosing the winner of the competition. Indeed it was a close call between the Greek Pies (Nicky), Australian (?) Lentil Salad, The Burning Heart Cake (Kevin) ,  Rye Bread (Richard), Mince Pies (Louise) and other entries which even included produce of the high street retailers. At the end Santa and the Snow Girls decided to award the first prize - a bottle of Heidsiek & Co Monopole Blue Top Champagne to

The Burning Heart Cake

by Kevin Miles! Please do not forget to claim your prise soon, Kevin!

Our people on the piste

Cambridge Winter Tournament 2007:

a foil novice reports

by Sara Spence

The competition has been running since 1998 and attendance increases year on year with entries for 2007 standing at 61 for men’s foil and 29 for women’s foil.  While the male foilists had a check-in which closed at 9.30am - necessitating a 6am start for some competitors - the women’s foil start time had a slightly more chivalrous air of 11.30am.

It was the first individual competition for Coen Louwarts, Richard Devonshire, Etienne de Burgh and Sara Spence and with the advertised format being two rounds of pools followed by direct elimination with no one eliminated from the poules, the day promised to be - interesting.  (For ‘interesting’, read ‘very tiring indeed’.)

Despite being determined to give no quarter, experience won out over novice enthusiasm and all foilists went out in the DE first rounds, excepting Anthony Kinsgley who placed a creditable 27th overall.

Highlight of the day:

Anthony’s strong performance in his second DE bout against an opponent who went on to be placed second overall.

Injury of the day:

He shall remain nameless but someone forgot to remove their allen key from their back pocket. Which would not have been a problem if he hadn’t taken a fall.  You know who you are…

Most revolting food of the day

Fig rolls.  Sara, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Shock of the day

Being expected to referee.  But as all novice fencers are still alive and kicking, we obviously didn’t do too bad a job. May fencers with clean, clear bladework be forever blessed...

The venue was good and the event was smoothly managed with no long waits in between bouts. The only problem for us was that we found it a little difficult to support each other when we were not fencing as the pistes were spread out over three rooms. (The organizers said something about herding all the male foilists into the main sports hall, locking the door and leaving them to fight it out amongst themselves.  The women foilists, of course, were trusted to behave themselves in the main building.)

The atmosphere was friendly and people were approachable, making this event a good novice entry-level tournament; The organizers were helpful and efficient, there was an armoury stand, Leon Paul had an equipment stand and cake and bacon rolls were freely available.  What else could you want? More info at http://www.cambsfa.org.uk/cwt.html

Slough Open, 4 February  07: Women's Foil

A field of 58 including  45 of the UK top 100. After a slow start, the completion got underway and the poules progressed fairly quickly.  I was lucky to draw a kind poule  consisting of UK ranked 4, 25, 67 and 111. Generous behaviour on the part of  4 and 25  who undertook most of the reffing left  the less experienced fencers to concentrate on fighting it out amongst themselves.
I won against 67 and 111 , but was completely overwhelmed by 4 and 25, which meant she came out of the poule in joint 34th position. Lack of focus and experience and an inexplicable lapse of memory (I can't remember the score but thinks it was 9/14) meant that I went out in her first DE round which eventually timed out.
The current result table puts me at 38 overall  but the results table could change as a fencer was black carded.

Surreal experience of the day:
 Arriving half asleep and simultaneously seeing exactly the same dog at dozen points in and around the leisure centre. A  relief to finally understand that the leisure centre was  hosting both a fencing tournament and a bearded collie best in breed show.

Epee reports

by Adam Steiner

Cambridge Winter tournament

Four brave Gadaski men gathered enough enthusiasm to make it to
the first competition of 2007.  Adeel Iqbal performed spectacularly well, finishing 11th of 64 entries, a result he could only describe as "lovely jubbly".  The remainder of the men failed to shake off the Christmas cobwebs and were hit many times on their slightly enlarged bellies.  Dumi has pledged to work off the effect of the mince pies and chocolate consumption over the holiday season and we are expecting great things at the Aldershot and Slough Opens.

Aldershot Open
The Aldershot Open is organized by the British Army and has become quite a big event over the last two years having added a women's event to the traditionally men only affair.    We sent two men; Adam finished 37th.  Neither felt compelled to sign up for desert fighting at the recruitment stalls.
Slough Open
Getting up unreasonably early on Sunday morning to go to Slough may not be the world's best idea, but nonetheless Gadaski entered three men and a lady into this year's competition.  Slough is one of the tougher competitions of the year so it was nice that they decided not to cut anyone from the DE.  Rachel employed great tactics to make the last 32, a result which will see her jump up the rankings.  Shakespeare also performed very strongly, coming in 48th. 

Once again we would like to encourage any budding competitors, particularly ladies, to speak to captains:  Adam, Rachel or Sara about attending competitions.

Most of the competitions are listed in the calendar  available on the British Fencing Association website.

Sabre Report

should be here but our sabreurs are more interested in drawing cartoons... look further down!.

  The 40th Birthday Drinks!

drinksSince we're all fencers here I can freely compare the arrival of my 40th birthday to the second counter-riposte with opposition: one could see it coming but somewhere there is still a bit of a surprise!

To make sure that everyone is a winner at the end,  tabernacleI'd like to invite all London Fencing Club members, coaches, their friends and lovers to join me for a drink and some canapés from 8.30 pm to midnight on Monday, 19 February at Tabernacle Grill Bar, 55-61 Tabernacle Street, London EC2 (location).  Come straight after fencing if you fence on that day or come earlier if you're free!  (Don't forget the present!)


Guest coach

Marco Cuomo, Naples bread member of the Italian National Youth Team is now sharing his knowledge and experience with our Wednesday sabre class at Finsbury centre. Marco is also available for private lessons on that day from 7 pm to 9.40 pm - a discounted introductory rate available for members.

Individual lessons

Their importance to your progress as a fencer cannot be over estimated! Whether you compete or not, this is your chance to develop your individual tactics, 'golden strokes' and correct the bad habits! Try to book at least 20-40 min of private lessons a month if you use fencing recreationally and more if you compete. To encourage you, we are now offering a new Individual Lessons plan. The deal is simple: add £30 per month to your subscription and receive a monthly 1 hour individual tuition allowance (this makes it 33% cheaper than usual members' rate). If in any particular month you cannot us use the whole allowance, it is rolled over to the next month. Please contact me for details!

Salle Candidski (Kandinsky? )

A group of young creating individuals decided to create weekly comic strips about fencing and publish them on the World Wide Web for everyone to laugh. They're using the cutting edge (ha, ha - notice the pan?) blogging technology  and the whole embracing approach to art. Here is extract from their manifesto written by Olivier Huinsky:

Most of us are really beginners in drawing, except Paddy that we see as our "painting coach"!
We see this project as a fun and challenging way to develop some skills in drawing and writing!!! In addition, the fact that we will be supposed to publish every week should give us a positive pressure!! !!!!
So, this email is just to let you that the blog has just been created, and that we will try to update it every Wednesday:


Of course, feel free to give us some feedback !!!! (by email or via comments on the blog!) Furthermore, if some of you want to participate to this project as author , please step forward!!!!

(I've changed all full stops into the exclamation marks because this was any Manifesto looks it's best. - Ed)

Richard the Lion

For Sale

Ladies small Leon Paul 800N "Sydney" jacket
Ladies small Uhlmann 800N breeches
Ladies small Leon Paul 800N "Atlanta" breeches
Ladies Adidas shoes size 6.5
Ladies small Leon Paul 350N mask
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Allstar FIE 800N men's breeches size 58
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Interested? Please contact Adam direct.

         Tim Gadaski 
arts and crafts movement 

flaming heart