London Fencing Club
October 2006 Newsletter, No 23

A competitive type, are you?..

flaming heart
In the language of heraldic symbols the Flaming Heart stands for ardent affection - hence it's prominence on the club's logo! Created by leading London designers the Flaming Heart sleeve badges are the perfect way to state your support of Salle Gadaski ideals. Also good for competitions as means of psychological warfare - on average it'll bring you an extra point over a 15 hit bout. The badges will be available shortly at a symbolic cost of £2.50
If you feel still new to fencing but despite all rules of priority the idea of entering a competition does not let you sleep, here is  a good and local opportunity. On Saturday, 14 October University of London Union is hosting a team competition! The event will be structured for teams of 3 fencers (plus 1 optional reserve) in each weapon and will use the Italian relay system to 45 hits. They promise a full day's fencing for all involved, with no early elimination, so you'll get excellent value for money. The fee is only £6 and to enter you need to email ULU at club@ulufencing.net with the details of your team.

I am very pleased to mention that at least three teams from Salle Gadaski (which seems to stay as the name for the competitive organ of the club) have already entered this event - amongst them some of recent beginners! Good luck! ( My last piece of advice for those who're competing for the first time: once on the piste keep fighting until you hear a very loud and clear command Halt - do not look at the electric box, it's hypnotizing!)

The competitively minded people might be interested to know that Adam and Rachel will be running tournament style timed poules during Saturday free play sessions. To take part please arrive to the leisure centre at 2.15 pm the latest (it's difficult to add people to the poule once it has started). Please contact Adam for more information and friendly advice.

Another forthcoming competition is Leicester Open. The dates clash with the ULU event: it'll take place on 14-15 October.

Report from Sussex Open (1 October 2006) by Adam Steiner

The Sussex Open continued to grow this year, with 91 entries in the 
men's epee and 34 in the ladies. Gadaski sent 6 fencers  - Adam, Adeel, Dominic, Shakespeare for the boys and Donna and Rachel for the girls.
All of the men won their first DEs, making the last 64, but only Shakespeare was able to advance to the 32, finishing in a creditable 21st place.  The girls did even better - both making the last 16.  Donna narrowly lost to Jo Maynard, the current UK number 1and eventual winner, to finish 16th.  Rachel was unlucky to meet Christine Flounders ( a secret Gadaski member) in her last 16 fight and just missed out on advancement 15-13, finishing in 13th place.  All the fencers continued to show sings of improvement, and special mention should be made of Adeel, who has taken to competition like a duck to water, and scored UK ranking points in both of his first two opens. 

Electric pistes at the Central Foundation Boys' School gym

apparatusClasses taking place at the CFBS will be able to use electrical scoring equipment starting this month. Three apparatus and spools are already there. The gym has only one power point, so we will be using batteries and it's important that they will be charged after each session. Due to the lack of storage and repairing facilities we'll be providing only a very limited number of electrical weapons. Please bring your own epee - foil - sabre - lame jacket - body wire, etc. if you'd like to use the electric pistes!

Siena trip

is now almost fully booked. If you forgot to tell me about you taking part, please do it as a matter of urgency! Just to remind you, the Dates of the visit are Thursday, 2 November 06 - Sunday, 5 November 06. Cost: £330 including coaching, accommodation, transfer from the airport but not the air travel. Group discounts: Group of two - £315 per person; Group of three - £295 per person! Report from the last year trip here.

invitationHalloween party!

I hope you received that one already: the fancy dress Halloween party hosted by Chrissy and Adam.

In the programme: horror visuals, blood sucking, pure fear experience and tantalizing dance torture.

When: Saturday, 28th October 8 pm onwards
Where: Flat 1, 70 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QR (1 min walk from Finsbury leisure centre)
Bring: Food and drink and your scary self!

romeo and julietIs love a tender thing?

It is too rough, too rude, too boist'rous...  Specially when so much epee fighting is involved as during Birmingham Royal Ballet production of the timeless Romeo & Juliet. With Sergei Prokofiev's sweeping score providing the perfect canvas for MacMillan's masterful choreography - and the London Fencing club's top foil Karen Anstee playing the violin - this set to be a treat for all connoisseurs of good dance, fencing and music. Don't forget to bring the flowers!

When and where: 26 - 28 October 2006 at Sadler's Wells

While you're at work

...give yourself a little break and have a look at You Make the Call - a test your referee skills game. You'll be the referee of a fencing bout. You will see the final action of a touch (the part just before the electric machine signals that a touch has been scored). You must decide if the point goes to the fencer on the left, the fencer on the right or neither. Choose either sabre or foil and direct five rounds.

With ardent affection,        
Tim Gadaski         


flaming heart