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July/August 2006 Newsletter

Recent competitions

cambridgeJuly is normally seen as the month closing the season, so competitions were happening virtually every weekend. The club was well represented during the British Fencing Championships which took place in the middle of the month in Telford and during the Cambridge Open Air epee.

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It's all in your head: Women's epee
 team training for psychological warfare
last Halloween

Those competitions gather very competitive and dedicated fencers, most of whom have been involved with the sport for many years. Therefore the 36th place taken by Donna in women's epee Championships (82 entries) is an excellent result! Same can be said about the 9th place taken by our women's epee team (Donna, Rachel and Priscille), who narrowly missed the entry into the quarter finals losing 44:45 to Cardiff team. In Cambridge Open air the best results were in women's pool Rachel's 7th and men's Dominic's 20th place. In total more 20 people from the club took part in competitions last month! Excellent effort!

It must be pointed out here that fencing in a club environment and at a tournament is quite a different experience. At a tournament you'll of course meet more competitive types, and the main thing - you'll encounter them for only 3 minutes during the bout (and maybe never again in your life). So your ability to analyse your opponent quickly and re adjust accordingly becomes paramount. On top of that there is the stress, the fear of losing and the temptation of winning, the unknown surroundings and the annoying referee decisions. You'd probably have to enter a few competitins just for learning expereince, not expecting any results first... Sounds hard? Well, just in case you like overcoming difficulties the calendar of the next season competitions is here. Most of the events are open to everyone. And if you'd rather go international straight away, Stefan  kindly invites all interested to join him for a trip to Holland for fencing tournament held by the Lieden fencing club on 1 October 2006 (it's Sunday). Please contact Stefan direct if interested.

Oxana, lead Uzbek fencers to
victory in All Asian Games

Lessons offer

If it's not the psychological pressure that worries you but just the fencing technique, then nothing will be a better addition to your regular classes than some individual lessons. Your coach will also help you to develop your individual arsenal and tactics - something what is quite difficult to address during a group lesson.

In August we offer discounted rates for lessons with Jean Christophe and Oxana. While the standard rate is £60 per hour, the club members fee will be only £30 per hour (lesson can be 20, 40 or 60 minutes).

As usual you can book your lessons online:


Do not forget to select 'members rate' while checking out. Click here to watch a little trailer (2.5Mb)

seina 05Next trip?

By popular demand I've got in touch with Francesco of Siena Fencing Club who received us so well a year ago. We'll be organizing another long weekend trip which is pencilled in for the middle/end of the October. I'll have the full details for this trip in a few weeks and will email them separately. In the meanwhile - keep a couple of days free off work, so you could spend them in Siena!

The report from our June trip to Dinard is waiting for you on website (thank you, Rebecca!)

Enjoy the sun shine,

Tim Gadaski
newsletter editor (on holiday till 5 August, by the way!)


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