Dear All,

Hope you had great holidays, recharged the batteries and received great presents from friends and family. I hope also you're looking forward to getting back on the piste: your coaches are preparing special fat burning warm ups for all January classes...

1. Classes resume as normal:
Finsbury Leisure Centre - from today.
Central Foundation Boys' School - from the next week, i.e. 10 January 2006.

2. Saturday free play sessions: 7 and 14 January sessions will be at the same hours as last year. From 22 January onwards they will start at 2 pm and finish at 5 pm.

3. Fencing trips to Italy and Russia.
griffonsOnce again we're invited by UISP fencing club in Siena, Tuscany and by Spartak fencing Academy in St.Petersburg, Russia. The previous trips were very successful and offered not only an opportunity to improve fencing but also a unique insight into life in both places - as different as they are! In a fencing salle and in a local trattoria/vodka bar/night club our hosts we always most courteous and fun to be with sharing their local knowledge as well as fencing tips! I am sure this year should be no different!

Both places cater to all levels of fencing, so whether you're a recent beginner or a fencing shark you're most welcome to join. I will send around some more info in a due course but here are the dates and the prices to help your planning:

Trip to Siena, Tuscany: 5 days: Wednesday 8 February - Sunday, 12 February 2006. Cost: £360
Trip to St.Petersburg, Russia, 8 days: Sunday 14 May - Sunday 21 May. Cost: £ 490

The cost includes the coaching and the accommodation but not the travel expenses. 20% discount to those planning a repeat trip to the same place, or 10% discount if you wish to join both trips!

In Siena we'll be staying in a hotel walking distance from the town centre while in St.Petersburg in private apartments. You can read reports from the previous trips on (click on a relevant link!)

Important: If you are interested in joining either of the trips please let me know at your earliest convenience!

4. Change to the membership fees.
This won't affect you but just to let you know that from the new year there is a joining fee for new coming or rejoining members. The current, most valuable members do not need to pay anything extra, your joining fee has been waived. The details of membership and available classes are on

Kind regards and see you soon,

Tim Gadaski
fencing instructor