Dear All,

In this issue:

1. Your guest coaches
2. Artistic fencing in Paris
3. Competitions

The summer has come and everything got on the move. You might be travelling to your chosen holiday destination and your favourite fencing instructor might be doing the same. Hence, to keep you up to date with the last trends of contemporary fencing we invited two remarkable European fencing masters to travel to London and to teach at the club during these summer weeks and sharing with us their vast continental knowledge.

Maitre Priscille Lapoutge runs a successful club at Fontainebleau where she coaches all three weapons in her typical French manner. She will take part in running group classes at our club in July and August and will be also available for individual tuition. Our other guest coach is Svetlana Nikolaevna Stepanova from St.Petersburg. Bronze medalist of the recent Russian championships, she'll be giving individual lessons in epee and foil. She'll stay with us for the two first weeks of July. I know we all will make them feel very welcome and hope that you won't miss this once in life time opportunity to learn the best from the French and Russian schools. The individual lessons with Priscille and Svetlana will be easy to book using our website booking facility:

I am looking for someone who'd be interested to rent out a room to Priscille during her stay: either in exchange for hard cash or for extra fencing lessons - or both. She is a very nice and attractive woman in her mid thirties and it would be a shame if she'll have to stay at YMCA hostel. If you or your friends do have some accommodation available please let me know! (Svetlana's accommodation has been already sorted out thanks to the hospitality of our fencers)

As you might know a group of us have visited Paris over the last week end. We were guests of Lames du Marais fencing club and it's Maitre Marie-Clemence Perrot. A fuller report will be shortly published on the website, I can only mention that artistic fencing taught at the club proved to be great fun and was a winner over the competetive staff we usually do(see Roy's pictures below). And the food? It was great too!


There are few interesting competitions coming up, and all of them will have the honour of our fencers participating! The alfresco Cambridge Open Air this w/e is followed by ever so important British Championships on 9/10 July (RAF Cosford near Wolverhampton), followed by a relaxed Norfolk Open the weekend after. If you would like to take part please contact the organizers of those competitions. Otherwise you can always go and watch. There is a group of us going to take part/watch British Champs, let me know if you'd like to join in. I can also put you in touch with people entering Cambridge and Norfolk competitions.

Yours as ever,

Tim Gadaski
newsletter editor