trophyClub Championships!

All members: from recent beginners to seasoned competitors are invited to cross swords for the title of the Club Champion 2007!  The Championships will be in all three weapons. Women and men will fence together - with a handicap.

Location: Finsbury Leisure Centre, EC1
Date: Saturday, 30 June 2007

Check in:
Epee - Midday
Foil - 1 pm
Sabre - 2 pm

Fights will start shortly after the check in and we'll aim to finish by 5 pm with a Grand Finale in each weapon. (To help us with organizing this event please let us know in advance about your participation when ever possible!)

Epee fencing will be using the electrical scoring while foil and sabre will be electrical when possible. Inter gender handicap: 2 hits in pool fights (which will be to 5 hits) and 6 hits during the direct elimination fights (which will be to 15 hits).

Trophies are awaiting! And it's a good tradition for the winner to buy everyone a drink afterwards!