Free individual fencing lessons

by Tim Gadaski

I was thinking that to make the New Year really Happy we should start offering free individual lessons. Or even not just free, but FREE. FREE individual fencing lessons - imagine that! The standard of the fencing skills will improve dramatically. Fencers who've never had a lesson before will have their first lesson. And those who have only one lesson a month could have two, three or many more!

Already I can hear you saying: but how can this be made possible? Could, really, the fencing lessons that normally cost £66 per hour, be absolutely FREE? Is there a catch?

Well, just a minor catch. I doubt you'll even notice it. The lessons will be free in the sense that you won't need to pay for them. But you'll have to work for them, or rather FENCE for them. That's all. For each fight you fence (win or lose) we'll give you 1 min credit. To get a standard FREE 20 min lesson, you'll only need to fence 20 bouts, win or lose, although, really you cannot lose with such a set up.

Small print: Available to London Fencing Club members only. Each bout needs to be registered on the club website using your My Account panel. The Offer or the rates can change at any time.

Fencing lesson

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Not entirely fair if you can only register same sex fights. I had four fights tonight...all against men and it appears that under ancient chauvinism rules these don't count.

06 January 2014


We might have to tweak the system to combat the centuries old chauvinism. Chevalier d'Eon would be pleased.

07 January 2014

Jo Wade

Hi Tim, is the same sex fights issue now resolved? We were discussing it in class last night - would be good to know. Cheers, Jo

26 March 2014

Tim Gadaski

It'd done in test mode, so should be live soon

26 March 2014

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