New fencing courses for beginners in London

by Tim Gadaski

It's London, January 2014 and many people are on a lookout for a good exercise class which will make them healthier, leaner and maybe a bit meaner... Well, how about having a go at fencing? This is the sport which will make you feel and think much better than when you did the wall climbing or attempted the tango.

Londoners are spoiled for choice but fencing is a no-brainer for those who want to combine grace and fitness. You can start fencing at any age and soon reap the results: improved concentration,
coordination,fitness and cardiovascular endurance - these are just some of the health benefits offered by regular fencing. It is also an excellent workout. You can burn up to 460 calories an hour: similar to slimming and much more than during a dance class, zumba, or aerobics. In particular fencing benefits the stomach and the lower body muscles. Firm strong legs and butt are probably the most typical features of a regular fencer.

There is a variety of fencing clubs in London, many offering courses for beginners, providing the coaching and the equipment. All you'll need to bring is a t-shirt, trainers and track suit bottoms. The prices for fencing courses in London vary between £75 and £150 depending on the length of the course. There are also individual tuition options which are a bit more expensive but offer total attention from the fencing instructor and
more flexibility with times and days of the lessons. This is particularly suitable for London life style which often implies busy work and pleasure schedules. Once you had a couple of fencing lessons, you'll be able to do some foil exercises at home, although ultimately you'd want to pair up with a fencing partner of a level similar to yours.

You can always pop in to your fencing club to get some extra sparring practice and discuss your progress during the follow up in one of the wonderful London drinking holes.

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