World Championships 2013: Results

World Championships 2013, Budapest 5-12 August

827 fencers from 101 countries took part. The Championships were dominated by the ex-USSR (Russia, Ukraine, Estonia) and Italy, with Russia taking large part of the total medal count (3 Gold, 5 Silver, 3 Bronze) way above the second place taken by Italy (3 Gold, 3 Bronze). Ukrainian women have re-affirmed themselves as leaders in Sabre winning the individual and the team Gold. Italian women foilists continued to dominate the field with Gold and Bronze in individual and Gold in the team event. Same can be said about Russian men's Sabre with Gold and Silver in individual and confident win in team event (45/38 against Romania). The Far Eastern stars seem to be fading, with China taking only 1 Silver and South Korea 2 Bronze medals.

The GB team met performance targets set by UK Sport but there were no ground breaking results. Foilist James Davies, the winner of St.Petersburg Cup 2013 at the time ranked the 5th in the world, lost in L32 to Bachman (GER) finishing 18th.

Our own Gabriella Varga lost to Valentina Vezalli in the last 64 (12/10).

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