We asked our students what did they think about the beginners' course

... I have truly enjoyed the lessons and I especially admired your pedagogical skills on a sport which requires a lot of persistence from the beginners. I had fenced for 6 weeks ( two hours a week) on another club and I still had no idea about fencing before I joined your classes.

Thank you for making me feel that fencing is really my sport and I will carry on with a lot of enthusiasm.

Ana Ramos

The competitive element the sport added new level of intensity which was very exciting. For me it would have been good to experience this sooner although i appreciate that as a group we may not have had the skills or techniques to make this meaningful. As a taster course i feel we did cover a lot of ground a have acquired a pretty good insight into the sport. I think that the length of the course in terms of six weeks is just right. I think on the whole it was an excellent introduction into the sport and very good value for money and have already recommended it to others.

Charles Dupigny

I just wanted to say a big thank you for hosting what has been a very enjoyable and interesting fencing class. I've had a lot of fun and now fully appreciate the level of fitness required to make a reasonably good fencer. You guys make it look too easy!

Paula Scraggs

I think that you judged it (the course) about right - it's important that people get a feel for the sport rather than feeling like it's a type of military training... That said I would enjoy the development of more specific technical skills in the future. I will be continuing fencing and if the opportunity to fence in Siberia ever arises my name will be on the list. Thank you for your hard work.

Richard Bradbury
Chelsea College of Art

The course gave me real insight as to what fencing is really about, physically & mentally. I liked it all: exercise, learning, fighting!

Duncan X

Great exercise! Very nice instructors! Fun way of learning a new sport! Highlight of my week!

Nadine Kay

I liked all parts of the course and thought it very well run. 1) Excellent that I could swap nights to take into account work commitments. 2) It was interesting to see old weapons in the first session 3) The teaching was good 4) I loved the free fencing tournament at the last session that connected all up!

Nicola Martin

The course had a good mix - fitness, fun, and lessons in a few basics - but it was best when we got a chance to actually fight. I also liked the atmosphere and the "feel" for the club; Tim and Nick made everyone feel very welcome.

John Warehand

It was something I had always wanted to do and I was not disappointed. The entire course was brilliant fun and great exercise. Learning something totally new with a bunch of strangers quickly turned into a good social event too. The teaching was well done.

Marian Cantrell

I enjoyed it all!

Flora Page

I liked being taught, prompted and corrected during fights with other students. I also enjoyed being shown how to personalise your own tactic with faints and other moves!

Sophie Hervieu

The very structured coaching, not too much information at once ! Enthusiasm of the coaches. It was much more thorough than a different beginners course I did a few years ago, and very good to have 3 instructors for the group.

Naomi Bird

All of it. From start to finish I loved it. You managed to pack in a lot of information without it ever losing the fun factor. I really loved the actual fencing, I was suprised by how physical it actually was. At the end of every lesson I was knackered and felt like I'd really done some good work.

Alex Heather

I liked the novelty of being able to tell people I had to leave early to go fencing!

Priya Ramdas

My favourite was the overall, step by step, teaching which re-enforced my decision to take up fencing long term.

Nicky Malliaros