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Your feedback!

You have recently attended our introductory fencing course which we tried to make informative, engaging and fun. Did we please you or did we disappoint you? Please spend a couple of minutes answering the few questions below and helping us to improve!

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3. How would you rate the course in general?
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4. What was your favourite element of the course?
5. What was your least favourite element of the course?
6. What single thing would significantly improve the course?
7. Would you make the length of the course:
Shorter Longer Keep it at 6 weeks
8. Have you managed to attend all classes and if not would you like to make up the time in another course?
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Missed some, but don’t need extra
Need extra
     (we will contact you to arrange)
9. Will you be becoming a full member of the club and continuing with your fencing? (click here for details)
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10.  If no, what is preventing you?